Mike Szathmary

Mike Szathmary
Mike Szathmary
Double Envelope Company


Since being founded in 1917, Double Envelope Company has established itself as one of the most experienced and reputable envelope companies in the industry.  BSC Ventures acquired Double Envelope in 2001 and with the support of over 400 employees has grown the company to be the 4th largest envelope manufacturer in the United States producing over 5 billion envelopes annually. We have done so by upgrading equipment, adding capacity, replacing computer systems, and strengthening the management team.  BSC, who also owns and operates Convertagraphics, a high quality web printer, has restored the entrepreneurial spirit and customer focus that is the cornerstone of Double Envelope’s success.
As a management owned company, our objective is not to be the largest envelope manufacturer, but the strongest in the markets we elect to serve. We  effectively manage our costs by developing strong alliances with our core suppliers and by looking for continuous process improvement opportunities to create added efficiencies.   We focus on strategic opportunities where we can be more than just an envelope supplier to our clients.  Our goal is to provide the quality and service that meets and/or exceeds our client's expectations.  We look to develop long term partnerships with our customers by becoming problem solvers and creating value added solutions that help to increase their productivity and at the same time provide measured cost savings.