Kristal Estep

Kristal Estep
Kristal Estep
Marketing Services by Vectra

3950 Business Park Dr
Columbus, OH  43204

Marketing/Data, Print/Mail, Printing, Mailing
VECTRA is dedicated to helping your company benefit from the new world of marketing resources. For over 25 years, business of all types and sizes – from sole proprietorships to the largest of Fortune 500 companies – have chosen us as the partner best suited to help them succeed. And no wonder. We have the people, facilities and knowledge to get the job done, and the willingness to stretch our boundaries to meet your needs.

The science of marketing is continually evolving, with new concepts being created all the time. We stay current with these new developments, while maintaining our leadership in all the traditional tried and true marketing methods. We are both strategic and tactical. We have the wherewithal to analyze your situation and recommend the most viable approaches for achieving your objectives, as well as to execute those strategies. And all under one roof.

Our services run the gamut from the most fundamental to the most complex. We invite you to learn more about VECTRA. We are confident you will agree that it is time well spent.